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Broken Children

Honestly, this post about broke me. I am guilty of what this post suggests…not so much the “making my children cower down” part….but definitely not spending every day being with them, playing with them, showing my love for them.

Every day my son asks if we could wrestle…and almost every day I have something I “have” to do. It breaks my heart putting his attempts to spend time with me into perspective. I choose to be a better daddy, and I hope you do too.


I Am Loved

Honestly, I was thinking about writing on this very topic when this tweet came through on my phone. (see last post…I’m a tech junkie)

@maxlucado “U r loved by ur Maker, not because u try to please him n succeed, or fail to please him n apologize, but because he chose 2 love u.”

I was just about to write that I am so glad God loves me in spite of my loving him back. Some days (read: most days) I struggle to love Him in my choices, mindset, and pursuit of a relationship with Him.

I’m so thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice so I can experience God’s love. Be sure to take at least a moment and consider this truth:

God loves you, even if you never reciprocate.