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Honestly, I was eagerly awaiting the announcement of the new iPhone and unfortunately found myself slightly disheartened when it was.

I was hoping for a new design… perhaps a brushed metal look similar to their other products. No such luck. White and black still.

The insides are very intriguing and I definitely believe it will be a great phone. I simply hoped it would be a “new” phone…not the same approach with better specs. But, it is what it is and I’ll probably buy one. 🙂





Honestly, I’m very tired from this weekend. We went down to Arkansas to a friend’s wedding. It was beautiful and I couldn’t imagine them apart. BUT…my wife was in the wedding party, which meant I was watching the kiddos.

In theory, this trip sounded like a great get away…in reality, it was very very tiring.

All this to say…I very much appreciate my wife and the patience she has in order to stay home and take care of our children. I couldn’t do what she does in a million years.

Umm… What!?

Honestly, this type of tearing down other churches needs to stop. I ran across this article today:

Really? How on earth a person gets to these conclusions is ridiculous. Mostly based on assumption and fear, this writer decided that multi-site churches are of the devil. I’m truly baffled.

I am a member and student pastor at a church who recently went to being multi site. This was not the ambition of the staff or the plan. This was merely walking through doors God had opened to reach people no one was reaching.

I take exception to the writer’s unfounded claims and beg people to get to know others’ hearts and motivations before passing judgement. Please.


Honestly, I’m SOOOO excited about tomorrow night at Verve. Specifically speaking about Salvation… I truly believe so many lives will be changed! THEN, I get to give the message next week to our High School group!

Lord, do incredible things in the lives of these students.




Honestly, I had the thought on my way home from church that I’m exactly where God wants me to be. And it feels GREAT!

There are times when serving in the church seems tiresome, difficult, and flat out unproductive. Sometimes you feel like you give of yourself so people will see and experience the love that only God can give and yet nothing seems to happen.

The bottom line is that, through
Christ, God will redeem. I can either continue to walk where He leads, or choose to go on my own. I choose Christ.

This week, we will be very intentional about salvation (more so than usual) and I can’t wait to see the students respond to the gospel.

Thanks to God for placing me with!

Terrell Owens

Honestly, this happened two nights ago…but it made my week! It’s a definitely shallow thing that made me happy, but TERRELL OWENS of the Dallas Cowboys tweeted me back!! Love it. Check it out!

Terrell Owens Tweet

I know, I know…you’re jealous. Ha! I just thought I needed to share. That is all, see ya tomorrow!

Nerd Alert

Honestly, you all will get two posts today because I’m a dummy and completely forgot to post yesterday. I apologize and hope you will forgive me. 🙂

I take classes at Butler Community College and my focus is on Digital Media. You would not believe the world of nerds I stepped into. I understand that I am a need, but this world is SO nerdtastic that the word “nerdtastic” would be used on a regular basis!

I am stuck sitting by a girl who really doesn’t get technology and sighs all class period while looking at my computer for help. I seriously feel her eyes on me and my project 90% of the time. Feel quite uncomfortable.

On the other side sits a fella who – EVERY CLASS – asks me what I had for lunch. Then asks me if I had beans… THEN he proceeds to tell me He had beans. I promise, this is every single class.
All of this is surrounded by a very needless teacher who constantly laughs at his own jokes and makes references to the sci-fi channel.

The bottom line is that I knew there would be some nerdery happening, but nothing could have prepared me for this level.

I still like the class, but wish the stereotype wasn’t true about tech geeks and computer nerds. But, alas, it is.