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Here is where I post my honest thoughts about Doubt.

Broken Children

Honestly, this post about broke me. I am guilty of what this post suggests…not so much the “making my children cower down” part….but definitely not spending every day being with them, playing with them, showing my love for them.

Every day my son asks if we could wrestle…and almost every day I have something I “have” to do. It breaks my heart putting his attempts to spend time with me into perspective. I choose to be a better daddy, and I hope you do too.


Romans 7:15

Honestly, I really resonate with Paul when he wrote “I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate.” in Romans 7:15.

I feel like this about 98% of my time awake. I want to love people, I want to be slow to anger, I want to not be jealous, lie or lust. But yet, I do these things… Regularly.

I know I’m not perfect and that God loves me none-the-less. I just hope I can make progress instead of one step forward, two steps back.

These are the things the unbelieving world struggles with the most when it comes to Christianity. I simply want to say that Christians fall every day and the sooner we admit it, the more we will see God glorified.

Be strong, love well, admit mistakes, and allow God to pick you up when you fall because it is truly His strength through which we are strong.



Honestly, I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits of dead people. I believe that when you die, your spirit moves on from the earth.

However, whenever I think of ghosts… I say “I don’t believe in you!” in my brain… Which is the same thing as believing in them… Cuz you’re TALKING TO THEM!

Anywhoo, I don’t believe in ghosts.


Honestly, I am feeling quite stressed out! I’m working full time, part time, taking 2 college classes and trying to be a good daddy and husband. My wife is pregnant with our third child and needs extra help around the house and with the children to keep her sanity. We have our fall kick off called Hot Mess Fest for Verve student ministry happening tomorrow, and I’m also helping with starting a worship team for Verve.

I know, most of these are my choices, and I’m stretched too thin. I’m hoping that a lot of hard work this semester will prepare us all for a growing year at Verve, a more educated/talented me, and a family life that has a story worth retelling someday.

The Bible tells me that I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength… But I have to believe God doesn’t want me to do this… He wants me to rest in Him and let Him guide me.

If you’re stressed like I am, perhaps it’s by your own doing… Just know that God brings rest for the weary, and rewards the hard working. Believe it!

Jesus, Religion, and the World.

Honestly, I can understand why the majority of the world doesn’t want anything to do with the “church.”

The reason is Christians.

We say things like Jesus loves you and out of that same mouth come calls for death upon one who outwardly doesn’t adhere to our belief system.

I could be wrong, but I believe Jesus would be spending more time with those who are blatantly against Him than those who say they are His followers, but fail to love all.

Now is the time for people everywhere to hear the truth: Jesus loves you, regardless of your love for Him. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a thousand times more.

The church (read: people who follow Christmas, not the building) needs to wake up and realize that not only are we not helping Jesus love, but we’re actually helping satan do his work.

That sounds controversial, and I planned it that way… We have to love people the way Jesus loved people. Unconditionally.

This means they don’t have to agree with you, believe as you do, accept your Jesus, make the “right” choices. All they have to do is exist, and we (who are Christians followers) are called to love them.

And for the love of all that is holy, stop trying to act like you’ve got it all together! Be yourself and realize there is a God who is far greater than your hangups and screw ups… He can and will be glorified through your mistakes. Own up to them and the world believe there’s something to this “Jesus thing.”

Scared of both…

Honestly, I’m kinda scared that this blog thing won’t be good and no one will read it. I’m actually even more afraid it will become huge and I won’t be good enough to run it.

I know there are fears we all have, but the bottom line is this:

If we don’t do something because we’re afraid, we won’t do anything at all.

A stud of a songwriter named Justin McRoberts says “a thousand times I’d rather fall than be afraid to move at all.”

Don’t (I won’t) let your (my) life waste away because of fear. If your light is gonna go out, start as many fires as you can before the snuff.

Here’s Justin McRoberts singing the song “Safe” which contains those lyrics.