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Honestly, you all will get two posts today because I’m a dummy and completely forgot to post yesterday. I apologize and hope you will forgive me. 🙂

I take classes at Butler Community College and my focus is on Digital Media. You would not believe the world of nerds I stepped into. I understand that I am a need, but this world is SO nerdtastic that the word “nerdtastic” would be used on a regular basis!

I am stuck sitting by a girl who really doesn’t get technology and sighs all class period while looking at my computer for help. I seriously feel her eyes on me and my project 90% of the time. Feel quite uncomfortable.

On the other side sits a fella who – EVERY CLASS – asks me what I had for lunch. Then asks me if I had beans… THEN he proceeds to tell me He had beans. I promise, this is every single class.
All of this is surrounded by a very needless teacher who constantly laughs at his own jokes and makes references to the sci-fi channel.

The bottom line is that I knew there would be some nerdery happening, but nothing could have prepared me for this level.

I still like the class, but wish the stereotype wasn’t true about tech geeks and computer nerds. But, alas, it is.


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I am a married man with a son, a daughter, and one on the way. My wife's name is Leah, my son's name is Caleb, and my daughter's name is Claire. I love music, media, and ministry. Comment and share if you so desire. Thanks for reading.

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