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Honestly, today is gonna be a rant about how much I dislike Verizon (any mobile provider really).

I have a smart phone through which I take care of a lot of business, including this blog. I depend on the data plan I purchased to make sure I stay in contact with people and communicate plans/ideas with them. This cannot happen when my data plan simply isn’t working.

This wouldn’t be a problem if it happened every once in a while, I understand technical difficulties. What I don’t understand is why it happens about the same time every month.

My bill is due the 18th of every month. It appears that Verizon likes to remind me that my bill is due by either slowing my connection down, or shutting it off altogether. Every month. Then it magically regains data transmission within 15 minutes of payment. Shady Verizon and shame on you!

Granted, it encouraged me to make my payment… But for the love of all that is holy, why do they do it BEFORE my bill is due??

If I’m late, slow it down. Until I am delinquent, LEAVE THE DATA ALONE VERIZON.

Ahhhhh…. Now I feel better. Comment and let me know if you’ve experienced a similar frustration.


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I am a married man with a son, a daughter, and one on the way. My wife's name is Leah, my son's name is Caleb, and my daughter's name is Claire. I love music, media, and ministry. Comment and share if you so desire. Thanks for reading.

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