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Plugged In…Wirelessly

Honestly, I believe we (as a society) have way too much time devoted to being online, on the phone, or engaged in media.

We can be contacted via email, chat, text, phone call…regardless of where we are currently. Crazy.

We can watch movies on our phones via netflix, entertain our children with online games, and are constantly updating our current feelings so the world can understand what we’re experiencing 24/7.

We say things we regret, post pictures while intoxicated, and talk to the opposite sex in way that would make Bill Clinton blush.

Let’s make a choice to use these avenues for progression, not regression.

That being said, I am a tech junkie and think this is awesome:
Elgato ipad tv tuner

Let’s just use said things with common sense and moderation…shall we?


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I am a married man with a son, a daughter, and one on the way. My wife's name is Leah, my son's name is Caleb, and my daughter's name is Claire. I love music, media, and ministry. Comment and share if you so desire. Thanks for reading.

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