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I Am Loved

Honestly, I was thinking about writing on this very topic when this tweet came through on my phone. (see last post…I’m a tech junkie)

@maxlucado “U r loved by ur Maker, not because u try to please him n succeed, or fail to please him n apologize, but because he chose 2 love u.”

I was just about to write that I am so glad God loves me in spite of my loving him back. Some days (read: most days) I struggle to love Him in my choices, mindset, and pursuit of a relationship with Him.

I’m so thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice so I can experience God’s love. Be sure to take at least a moment and consider this truth:

God loves you, even if you never reciprocate.


About craigstutzman

I am a married man with a son, a daughter, and one on the way. My wife's name is Leah, my son's name is Caleb, and my daughter's name is Claire. I love music, media, and ministry. Comment and share if you so desire. Thanks for reading.

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