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Honestly, Fall has arrived in Kansas! It’s about 58 degrees Fahrenheit and absolutely feels wonderful. Reminds me of football, wonderful family time, and beautiful scenery. Such as:



Honestly, I will be intermittent when it comes to posting. I have a large project due for school along with both jobs and I sometimes don’t even remember to post.

That being said….if you actually do read my posts and perhaps even look forward to reading, I promise to be as regular as possible. Thanks for reading, and tell your friends…remember, the more you comment, the more honest conversation we can have here.


Honestly, I had a great conversation with my dad today…which doesn’t happen all that often. We’re too much alike and tend to butt heads. But he shared his heart with me and I feel like I understand him a little better now. He also gave me a DVD called Buck. It’s a documentary about a real life Horse Whisperer and the abuse he went through as a child. This led him to understand body language really well and taught him to understand animals body language as well.
My dad relates to Buck in the abuse factor and it really opened my eyes to what my dad went through. This seems like a boring post, but it was very meaningful. I want to know my dad.

Broken Children

Honestly, this post about broke me. I am guilty of what this post suggests…not so much the “making my children cower down” part….but definitely not spending every day being with them, playing with them, showing my love for them.

Every day my son asks if we could wrestle…and almost every day I have something I “have” to do. It breaks my heart putting his attempts to spend time with me into perspective. I choose to be a better daddy, and I hope you do too.

The Wonder Years…

Honestly, just found out that they have the entire series of The Wonder Years on Netflix!! I loved this show during it’s first run and even watched during syndication. I’m very excited to enjoy it once again. There’s something absolutely beautiful and nerve-wracking about the teenage years. Probably one of the reasons I became a Student Pastor. 🙂wonder years


Honestly, my allergies have been going crazy and it’s driving ME crazy! I didn’t even have allergies until I was walking home from college one day and my eyes just started itching. I actually had no idea what was wrong with me. Ever since then, August/September/October have been my mortal enemy.

On a side note, my brother’s birthday was October 3…happy birthday Jon!! Sneeze.

Steve Jobs

Honestly, I can’t believe this is my follow up post to the release of the iPhone …but Rest In Peace Steve Jobs.

A visionary whose drive and devotion changed the world as we know it. I can only hope my God says that about me when I’m gone. Well done Mr. Jobs, well done.